Many years from now, When you think back on your summers evenings with your family what will you remember most ?...

Perhaps it's watching your kids devour popsicles on your front porch, pushing them on the tree swing in your backyard, or sitting beside them drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk in your driveway...


A family photo session in your own outdoor space can capture these precious Nostalgic summertime memories! 

So many wonderful memories are made with your family on summer evenings in your own yard! 


My sessions are designed to capture these memories in a beautiful, meaningful, and        artistic way.  

How Does it work??...

Once you sign up, I contact you and ask some questions that get to know you and your family.  We discuss outdoor summertime activities that are engaging and are meaningful to your family.  Don't worry!  I'm not talking anything fancy here...

I'm thinking trampoline jumping, family soccer games, running through the sprinkler.... the possibilities are endless.

Together we formulate a game plan that will work for your family. 

I will arrive at your house at our scheduled session time and from there all you have to do is play with your family and enjoy their company.  Everyone is relaxed and comfortable and engaged so there really isn't any pressure.  You just do your thing and I am there to capture those special, unique, unrehearsed, and candid interactions.  And don't worry, even though you're not going to be all dressed up standing in the middle of a pretty park like a traditional photo session, your photos will still be artistic and beautiful... and perhaps even more meaningful and authentically you! 

 Everything that is beautiful, true, and perfectly imperfect about your family will be captured in a beautiful gallery of photos that are yours to cherish for a lifetime.


Sound good to you?  Great!

Let me give you some details...

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 45 minutes - 1 hour in length. These sessions are focused on FUN, so yes, your family CAN hang for the full time and even have a blast doing it!

Where do they take place?

At your home!  In any outdoor space.

When do they take place?

These session will take place in the evening about 1.5- 2 hours before sunset.  Beautiful light is of upmost importance in creating beautiful photos so the timing of your session is very important 

But my yard really isn't that beautiful...

Okay, so you do need some sort of outdoor space that provides enough room for your family to play and interact.  However, your outdoor space doesn't have to look like a perfectly manicured English garden!  Really, these session aren't focused on a beautiful location, they are focused on providing your family an easy, relaxed, and laid back environment so everyone feels comfortable to be themselves! 

So you don't want us to pose for the camera?

No! No! and No! I want you and your family to interact and enjoy the activities that we discussed and prearranged beforehand.

 I want to focus on getting artistically beautiful but candid shots that evoke real emotion.  And, yes, I can always snag a few "everyone look at the camera and smile" shots while I'm at it, but that won't be the focus of our session. 

What Should I Wear?

We will talk more about this after you have signed up for a session. Basically, however, the activity your session is based around will largely determine your dress.  In general, cute, casual, and comfy is the name of the game! 

  • I require a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.

  •  The deposit will  be credited toward your session fee.

  • Sessions fees are $295.

  •  They include the session time as well as a gallery of 30 fully edited digital images.

  • Images are available 1-2 weeks after the session.  They are downloadable and ready for you to print! 


About Me...

I am a Charlotte, NC based photographer.  I specialize in family, home, and unrehearsed moments.

 Nothing gives me more joy than to photograph a family in their natural environment (their home) being their authentic selves.

 I strongly feel that beautiful and artistic family photos don't have to be posed, rehearsed, prompted, styled, and forced.


 When families are given the space to be themselves and are comfortable to interact in natural ways the result are photos that are not only beautiful but full of genuine emotion and memories that will be cherised. 


Charlotte, NC

Courtney M. 

"If you're looking for an amazing photographer, Anna is your girl! My husband absolutely hates having professional pictures taken, but he loved working with Anna so much he asked if we could use her for all of our family sessions!"

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