What is the Best Age for a Newborn Session?

In the age of Covid, newborn sessions aren't just for the itty bitty babies anymore. This family dealt with an extended stay in the NICU for the twins after they were born and then a quarantine when they came home. By the time I finally got my hands on them (figuratively, not literally 🤣) they were 4 month old. But what a SWEET session it was! Add precious big brother into the mix and it was all the things you'd expect... happy, crazy, and sweet.

It just goes to show that the "norms" of newborn photography don't necessarily always need to be followed. When it's a lifestyle session focused on capturing not only the sweet baby (or babies in this case) but also the family as a whole and the way they interact and love one another, the age of the baby doesn't really matter. It's all about capturing that family as they are in that VERY moment.

Sometimes this in-between stage gets missed. People often opt for the profession newborn photos and the one year photos, but a whole lots of growing and changes go on in-between!

Plus, I love that the babies were alert and aware enough to be entertained by their big brother. These are the candid moments that are really my favorite!

So, don't feel like you've missed your window if your baby isn't technically a newborn anymore. If you live in Charlotte, NC I can come to your home and capture your family and your baby just as they are right now! Beautiful candid moments can happen at any age!

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