Let's talk about Preparation for Fall Family Photo Sessions

Fall family photo season is just around the corner. With that in mind I wanted to clarify something that has been on my mind. I am a lifestyle photographer and I am constantly on my soapbox about taking candid, authentic photos. They are my jam...I love them! I love capturing heartfelt moments that were not orchestrated or setup.

HOWEVER, I am also here to say that in order to capture these heartfelt, authentic moments a lot of preparation must come into play. It seems a little paradoxical, but stick with me here... There is a large spectrum of photographers from portrait photographers to documentary photographers. The one end of the spectrum involves standing perfectly still and smiling for the camera while the photographer perfectly places and poses everything down to your little fingers. The other end involves wearning normal clothes, doing normal everyday things while a photographer takes photos of you. In this case there is NO interaction or influence from the photographer. They are strictly there to document.

Lifestyle photography is the middle ground between these two ends of the spectrum. SO, while I value capturing you as you are, I also value setting you up in the most favorable light (literally and figuratively). This means it IS important to think through what you and your family will wear. It IS important to choose a location carefully. And then it is equally important to also relax and let things unfold naturally the day of. Its like a Yin and Yang thing. (and please, don't get me wrong, I am by no means trying to bash other types of photography, ALL types of photography are important and meaningful, I'm just clarifying what it is that I do.)

So I think my point is this, do all the things you need to do to get ready. Communicate with me about your ideas and vision, scour Pinterest, send idea boards, work on pulling some killer outfits together, be willing to drive a little further to that amazing location (or be willing to stay at home and embrace the amazingness of your own home!). BUT once your session has begun, turn it off. RELAX. Your only job at that point is to relax, have fun, and enjoy some quality moments with your family. Your photos will be amazing. Trust Me!