Best Locations For Family Sessions In Charlotte, NC

Believe it or not, Fall will be here soon and family photo season is coming up quickly! To get a jump start on the season I thought I'd list a few of my favorite spots to capture some awesome photos during family photo sessions in Charlotte, NC.

1. Your Home

If you have been following me for a while then you know that I'm all about the real, candid, and natural. So for me, the home is one of the best locations to shoot your family portraits. Everyone is a bit more relaxed and feels at ease to be themselves. (And no one is stressed about getting anywhere on time because you are already there!) AND if you throw a fun family activity in the mix like baking cookies, playing board games, or jumping on the bed your session will not only be less stressful it can actually be FUN!

2. Your Yard

With Covid in the mix this year and everyone feeling a little safer outdoors, an at-home outdoor family session could be a great idea for your family. Basically, just like being in your home, a family session in your outdoor space helps reduce stress and help everyone have an enjoyable time all the while capturing beautiful and artistic photos of your family. The best bet with this is to have some fun activities lined up. These possibilities for activities are endless but can include sidewalk chalk in the driveway, swinging on the swing set, or a family game of basketball.

3. Camp North End

If you're looking for something edgy, colorful, and urban then Camp North end is an AWESOME location. There are so many colorful backdrops like cool mural walls, rustic old warehouse windows, and exposed brick. Also, the back parking lot has an awesome skyline view if you want to highlight Charlotte, NC in your photos!

4. Mint Museum on Randolph Road

If you're going for a green grassy, natural look, I love, love shooting families at the Mint Museum off of Randolph road. There is so much space it hardly ever feels crowded and the light at that location is always so pretty! To shoot there is free, but I do have to make a reservation for this location 1 month in advance.

5. UNCC Botanical Gardens

This is such a pretty location! And the best part of this location is that it feels like two separate locations in one. On the one side there is a very natural, forest area for a really natural, woodsy look. On the other side there is a beautiful manicured garden with all sorts of beautiful nooks and crannies to provide a gorgeous backdrop for your session! This location does require reservations and a $50 fee, but its definitely worth it!

(The Wooded Side)

(The Garden Side)

Choosing a location is really about thinking about what will be the best fit for your family. What is your vision for your photos? When you envision your final product do you envision something traditional, urban, natural, or homey? There is no wrong answer here, just what works best for you!

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 many locations have shifted hours or changed visitation policies. Therefore I can't guarantee availability of any location, but will, of course, do my research before booking any session at a particular location.

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