An At-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session in Charlotte, NC

To a non-photographer, often times a photo session is a photo session is a photo session, but this is definitely far from the case. There are almost as many styles of newborn photography as there are photographers as each photographer puts their own spin on a session according to their tastes, preferences, and experience.

Therefore, when clients inquire about newborn sessions, I often direct them to my portfolio if they haven't already checked it out. I do this because I want potential clients to be aware of the style that I shoot and the different types of photos they will be receiving when they book a newborn session with me.

This recent newborn session was such a dream. Therefore, I thought I'd walk you through some highlights from the session and explain the different types of shots I take and why....

Usually at the beginning of the session, and also sprinkled throughout, I make sure to get an "everyone look at the camera and smile" type of shot. My strategy is to grab these shots quickly when everyone is feeling loose and happy so they feel natural. These shots don't make up the majority of the gallery, but who doesn't love a few of these "framer" shots of their family?

From there, I get some shots of the family together is a less posed, more organic style. Like these shots on the bed...

I always make sure to get all the combinations of mom, dad, baby, and sibling. I want to make sure there is a variety of shots of different groupings.

Also, I get individuals of the new baby. Often times this is in a very organic way... in mom's or dad's arms. but also I will get some shots of baby swaddled in his or her crib or laying on a blanket or bed.

Also, If we are lucky, we can get a few slightly more posed shots of baby. These shots really depend on baby. If he or she is not having it, I NEVER force it. BUT if he or she is perfectly content, then we snag a few of those as well.

And I never forget about big sister or brother!!

However, my FAVORITE shots from a newborn session are ones in which the whole family is doing their thing, often times being crazy or silly together and they've forgotten (or almost forgotten 🤣) that I'm even there. I often get these shots from outside a doorway looking in on the family. Like this little series right here...

Usually a newborn gallery consists of about 50 shots and range from the posed "look at me" type of shots to the organic natural moments. I find the best sessions are those in which the family relaxes and enjoys the experience of just being together. It really doesn't matter if baby cries or big brother or sister act up. I promise! This is life, it is ALL beautiful, and that is what I'm here to photograph!!

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