Think family photo sessions are more painful than pulling teeth?...

Think again!

Sign up for a fall family session that focuses on fun!


Picture this:


You're in the middle of family photos, your photographer is shouting "everyone look at me and smile!" You are smiling through gritted teeth while hissing at your son to stop playing in the dirt and look at the camera. Your husband is letting out his 800th aggravated sigh and your daughter has the same cheesy, bizarre grin plastered to her face that has been there the whole much for pretty, natural smiles! 

I know what you're thinking in that moment... It's only once a year.  Why, oh why on this one day of the year, do they act like a bunch of crazy lunatics?  Why can't they show their best selves today instead of their worst?? 

That's where I come in...


Wouldn't it be wonderful to capture everything you love about your family without having to worry about them acting like crazy fools?


Wouldn't it be great for your kids to walk away from the sessions saying "that was so much fun!" and your hubby saying "that really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."?  


I live to capture families JUST AS THEY ARE.  I truly believe that when families are given the freedom to be themselves, have fun with each other, and let their true unique personalities shine then everything else falls into place and the result is breathtaking.


 Everything that is beautiful, true, and perfectly imperfect about your family is captured in a beautiful gallery of photos that are yours to cherish for a lifetime.


Sound good to you?  Great!

Let me give you some details...

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 45 minutes - 1 hour in length. Yes! they are full length sessions because I believe in giving each of my families undivided attention.  And because my sessions focus on fun, your family CAN hang for the full time and even have a blast doing it!

What Should I Wear?

Once you have signed up you will receive a "What to Wear" guide from me to help you dress your family.  But it doesn't end there because I love to be involved in the wardrobe process.  I'm happy to send Inspiration photos, Pinterest boards, and provide feedback on your choices.

Where do they take place?

I will also be in touch with you to discuss the perfect location for your shoot. Location will vary according to your family's personality and children's ages. I have plenty of ideas and like to help families find the perfect spot for them.

  • I require a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.

  •  The deposit will  be credited toward your session fee.

  • Sessions fees are $295 + tax.

  •  They include the session time as well as a gallery of 30 fully edited digital images.

  • Images are available 2 weeks after the session.  They are downloadable and ready for you to print! 


Charlotte, NC

Courtney M. 

"If you're looking for an amazing photographer, Anna is your girl! My husband absolutely hates having professional pictures taken, but he loved working with Anna so much he asked if we could use her for all of our family sessions!"

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