I'm Anna,

a Charlotte family and Newborn photographer...

Anna Mesen, Charlotte newborn photographer, with camera

I grew up as a classical ballet dancer.  In adulthood, I found photography. While very different art forms, photography fills that deep yearning to create beauty in my life just as ballet did in my childhood.  


I enjoy drinks with close friends and intimate dinners with my hubby. I love spending time outdoors and working up a sweat. Noisy, crowded venues and large parties filled with strangers makes me cringe. I don't do fake and superficial.  


I value quality over quantity, deep meaningful conversation, loyal friendships, and my family...

                                                             Of course, my family.




Because who I am is related closely to the type of photographer I am.  As a photographer, as in life, I yearn for a deep connection.


This means I want to get to know you and your family. I don't want to take a few quick snapshots of your family awkwardly cheesing in front if the camera (Yikes!) and call it a day.  I want to represent you in a way the is real, meaningful, and unscripted...  


  I want to connect.

Why should all of this matter to you?